Sunday, May 16, 2010

A environmentally safe cleaning method for your countertop

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Originally written for workbench top but applies here too.

Do you want to quickly clean your work bench or counter top without using a paper towel. Here is what you do:

You go get an orange and peel it in as few sections as possible. Sit at your work bench and eat the orange. After you are done eating the orange use the peel to wipe the dust off or your work bench. It will pick up most dust and leave a clean scent. Afterwards you can wipe the surface cleaner with a clean wet rag.

This is indeed an environmentally friendly method of cleaning.

This will also work on kitchen countertops. There is citric acid and quercetin in the peel that cleans the surface in addition to the microfiber towel effect of the peel.

Blessed are those that think

Thomas Paul Murphy

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