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Easy Clean - Broiling (it even rhymes) 05 07 2010

Easy Clean - Broiling

This one is a little off the central topic of this website, but until I have more time to list ingredients, techniques and recipes, I will just put simple tips that I have self learned.

Using the broiler on your oven is one of the fastest ways to cook food. The broiler is the top coil, and uses a separate setting on your oven. The oven rack is often placed very high up when broiling. What most people say is that they can not stand to clean the broiler pan.

1. The secret to cleaning this pan is to line it with tin foil on top and inside tray. You can put some slices in the top tray to let the grease flow through to the bottom tray. Or you can use my second method.

2. Line a brownie cooking tray with tin foil and cup up to the sides. Or another oven vessel. Then to get the grease to flow off the meat and pool in the bottom, roll up some tin foil strips quickly to make a grill grate effect, only about two are needed for one steak and it goes quickly. Lay these on top of your tin foil lined basin and put your entree in the oven.

When broiling never go to far away from the oven because the food cooks very quickly and can burn quickly and also start a fire very quickly.

Broiling is one of the quickest and healthiest ways to prepare meat. Frying immerses the meat in its own grease and that's no good. Grilling has the effect whereby dripping grease is burnt and the vapor infuse back into the meat and they are carcinogenic.

God Bless

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